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About me

People are often surprised that I began being a DJ as young as I was. Once upon a long time ago, my uncle asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Before this time, I was always told “JOSH!! Don’t touch the turntables!!!”  So when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, it wasn’t a question of what I wanted, it was a question of what I wanted to do. Without a second thought, replied that I wanted to DJ. My Uncle told me that if I could find someone who would let me DJ, he would teach me how. Soon after, I was booked for Valentines Day, at my middle school

Many people think that a DJ just plays music.  My goal is much more involved. By the time a wedding comes, knowing the kind of music you like is the easy part. Just as important, I want to make sure I know how you want the evening to flow.  This helps assure everything will run smoothly so that you and your guests can focus on creating unforgettable memories. Brides call me their "personal representative", Grooms call me their "wing man". 

It has been more than two decades since my the first event that I DJ'd.  My resume shows that I have been on radio stations, performed in dance clubs and countless private events.  With my unique experience, I can truly bring life to your celebration. 



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