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Have You Worked With a DJ Before?

Most of the people we work with have not, so we work with them from the ground up.  As you imagine your wedding, what role does the DJ play?  In the most basic terms, a DJ has the role of playing music.  Generally, that means background music before the ceremony, music after the ceremony and before dinner, (that is where cocktail hour fits in). Then the flow of a wedding will go into dinner and then dancing after that.  


The next part is where a flow of the evening is created.  The easiest way to create a flow is having someone assist with directing people.  That means where to go and what is going to happen.  An example is where guests will go after the ceremony, when cocktail hour is over and where dinner will be.  When there is a seating chart, where to find it would be included in that announcement.  The role of the person who does that announcing is called the Master of Ceremonies (MC for short).  At some point in the night, they will also be the person in charge of your introductions, setting up your first dance, and taking the wedding to the next level so that it flows and stays organized.  


There are still other ways to do things, instead of having a DJ play the music for your ceremony, sometimes people may want a string quartet, this past summer, they had a string quartet, and then the groom surprised the bride and played a violin as the bride came down the isle.  If you have a family member or close friend who is great at public speaking, they could be your officiant or even the MC, there are many ways to personalize your wedding so that it is exactly how you want it.  We’re here to help

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